Wordmap® Commerce
Product Catalog Modeling

Done faster. Done better.

Designed for high SKU-count environments, Wordmap Commerce is a product catalog modeling platform that centralizes and simplifies the management of rich product taxonomies in a cloud-based, user-friendly, browser environment. 

Ready to transform your product catalog operations?

Wordmap Commerce helps manufacturers, brands, and retailers:

  • Streamline product item on-boarding
  • Make product information ‘merchandising-ready’
  • Develop product / eCommerce catalogs with ease
  • Facilitate product recommendations for a personalized customer experience
  • Minimize clicks to get to the right product with enhanced site search, navigation and SEO
  • Enable data exchange and metadata synchronization between PIM/MDM, eCommerce, site search, DAM, WCMS and other business-critical platforms
  • Simplify product information management and governance across functional departments.

Bring a whole new level of control to Product Information Management

Pre-migration or for ongoing operations

Wordmap Commerce Hierarchies
Product Hierarchies
Rationalize and design a top-down attribute inheritance model
Wordmap Commerce Attributes
Establish robust attribute quality and flexible modeling
Wordmap Commerce Classification
Test item classification and related products for gaps and inconsistencies
Wordmap Commerce Cross-mapping
Cross-map from product master to display taxonomies and data feeds