About Wordmap® Commerce

Instill quality at every link in your product information supply chain

Accelerating time-to-market with an innovative product portfolio is a major competitive advantage across all industries. But product assortment velocity, volume and variety can strain your information architecture and product data operations to the breaking point. As product lines continue to grow, product information becomes more complex.  Yet without detailed, structured and high quality product information, customers turn elsewhere.  

Rigid (often fragile) Master Data Management approaches to defining product data don't cut it in today's hyper-change supply chain. Instead, you need product catalog design that honors core product standards and attributes, while enabling fast-moving merchandising and flexible "ways to shop." Aggregate, enrich, and ensure quality product information along the entire business supply chain, and do it at scale in an ever-changing demand and trend landscape. 

Transform your product catalog operations

Wordmap® Commerce is the product catalog modeling platform that delivers on item onboarding efficiency while maximizing channel and assortment variety and flexibility.  Designed for high SKU-count environments, Wordmap Commerce helps manufacturers, brands and retailers:

  • Streamline product item on-boarding
  • Make product data ‘merchandizing-ready’
  • Develop product / eCommerce catalogs with ease
  • Design rules-based product collections for a differentiated customer experience
  • Minimize clicks to get to the right product with enhanced site search, navigation and SEO
  • Enable data exchange and metadata synchronization between PIM/MDM, eCommerce, site search, DAM, WCMS and other business-critical platforms
  • Simplify product information management and governance across functional departments.

Untangle your product attributes

Wordmap Commerce brings a whole new level of precision of control, enabling consistency and rigor in product information management.  Its broad and easy to use feature set helps information professionals save time and effort while managing:

  • Product hierarchies
  • Attributes and Units of Measure
  • Vocabularies and translations
  • Multi-tier SKU models

And because Wordmap Commerce actually lets you import and classify your existing item data, you'll see at-a-glance breadth, depth and data fill gaps and inconsistencies. Establish robust marketing attribute quality and flexible attribute modeling. Rationalize and design a top-down attribute inheritance model. Ensure related products and vocabularies are clarified. Cleanse and refine attribute values where necessary.  Assemble and organize rich content that is compelling, rationalized and relevant.

Cross-map from product master to display taxonomies and data feeds

To realize your digital commerce vision you need to ensure consistency and automate the cross-mapping between product master data, display taxonomies and inbound and outbound data feeds between distributors, trading partners, online marketplaces and omnichannel customer touch points.  Use Wordmap Commerce to ensure accurate product attributes and relationships flow effectively for publication to data pool aggregators, inventory control, sales associates, in-store/ kiosk lookups, customer service, online sites, mobile apps and social commerce platforms.