Wordmap® Suite of Solutions

Modeling information for brand differentiation and business insight.

Information is your business’s most valuable asset. It’s the fuel for driving business execution, collaboration between organizational teams and trading partners, the key to sharing value and insights with customers. 

As data and content grow exponentially in volume, rate of change and complexity, harnessing information, brand and predictive insight becomes ever more challenging without the right tools of the trade.

Wordmap taxonomy design solutions provide the structure and control you need to leverage information as uniformly valuable currency across your business, playing a foundational role in:

  • Digital merchandising and personalization
  • eCommerce catalogs and item onboarding
  • Site search, navigation and SEO
  • Media, market, and customer analytics
  • Enterprise content and digital asset management
  • Knowledge management and intelligent agents
  • And much, much more….

Foundation for transformative information architecture

Wordmap taxonomy modeling and management solutions can transform complex, fast-moving and vast quantities of information into a transformative resource that provides a whole new level of intelligence, nimbleness and control.

Wordmap's easy to use, extensible taxonomy and ontology design capabilities boost the effectiveness of information architecture professionals, product data operations teams and site merchandisers.

When coupled with Earley Information Science strategic digital transformation services, Wordmap taxonomy management software gives your internal teams the head start and boost they need to realize and sustain your digital ecosystem.

Create the product categories, attributes, term sets and classification relationships that support industry standards as well as digital content curation – and make connections with customers and across the enterprise at scale.