Wordmap® Connectors
For SharePoint & Endeca

Your bridge from taxonomy to application

Wordmap Taxonomy Connector Highlights:

  • No configuration needed for consuming systems,
  • Wordmap taxonomy data is sent in the preferred format of the search application for easy ingestion
  • Manage the taxonomy centrally and push out only relevant sections for indexing, navigation and search
  • Taxonomy is seamlessly integrated into the content lifecycle
  • Supports SharePoint 2010, 2013, 2016, and Office 365
  • Supports Endeca versions 5.x and above
Wordmap Connectors for SharePoint and Endeca

Wordmap SharePoint OmniConnector

The OmniConnector is a bridge between Wordmap and SharePoint. Taxonomies and their branches from Wordmap are synchronized with the SharePoint termstore. Navigational taxonomies and controlled vocabularies for managed metadata columns are direct applications of the taxonomy in SharePoint lists, libraries an sites. The OmniConnector imports Wordmap XML and pushes it to the SharePoint termstore. This is a one-way synchronization, from Wordmap to SharePoint. The OmniConnector preserves the hierarchical and equivalent relationships from Wordmap. Wordset properties and updates are also preserved by the OmniConnector, and intelligently synched with SharePoint termstores. Unlike Wordmap,  SharePoint does not support associative relationships, so these are neither maintained nor synchronized with the SharePoint termstore.

Wordmap SharePoint Omniconnector screenshot

Wordmap Endeca Taxonomy Connector

The Endeca® Information Access Platform thrives on robust, well-constructed and well-maintained taxonomies. Use Wordmap to do your taxonomy management and allow our Endeca Taxonomy Connector to push the taxonomy to Endeca as the foundation of the guided navigation experience. Wordmap’s Endeca Taxonomy Connector directly translates your taxonomies into the Endeca dimension.xsd format, pulled into Endeca on system start-up. The Wordmap Endeca Taxonomy Connector also allows you to leverage taxonomy in Endeca’s powerful auto-classification engine for improved content indexing. 

Synchronizing Taxonomies

The OmniConnector enables edits to taxonomies to be synchronized from Wordmap to SharePoint. Additions to the taxonomy, deletions and move operations within the hierarchy are recognized by the OmniConnector and synchronized with the termstore in SharePoint. 
Edit and updates to members and features of Wordsets are also synchronized with the SharePoint termstore, as long as the Wordsets IDs remain the same.