Wordmap SharePoint Taxonomy Connector

Integrate Wordmap taxonomies directly with Microsoft®  SharePoint to classify documents as well as support SharePoint browsing and search capabilities. The SharePoint Taxonomy Connector allows you to overcome many of the difficulties of managing taxonomies inside the SharePoint environment by allowing you to use Wordmap to do all of the daily taxonomy management tasks.

Wordmap Endeca Taxonomy Connector

The Endeca® Information Access Platform thrives on robust, well-constructed and well-maintained taxonomies. Use Wordmap to do your taxonomy management and allow our Endeca Taxonomy Connector to push the taxonomy to Endeca as the foundation of the guided navigation experience. Wordmap’s Endeca Taxonomy Connector directly translates your taxonomies into the Endeca dimension.xsd format, pulled into Endeca on system start-up. The Wordmap Endeca Taxonomy Connector also allows you to leverage taxonomy in Endeca’s powerful auto-classification engine for improved content indexing. 

Wordmap Taxonomy Connector Highlights:

  • No configuration needed for consuming systems,
  • Wordmap taxonomy data is sent in the preferred format of the search application for easy ingestion
  • Manage the taxonomy centrally and push out only relevant sections for indexing, navigation and search
  • Taxonomy is seamlessly integrated into the content lifecycle



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